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Bucket List

Life sends us crazy curve balls, takes you and shows you amazing things, and is always changing. Sometimes life hands you Netflix, and you stay in bed for four days straight which is what day I am currently on and life goes by in a blink of an eye. So while watching Glee and working on my blog I remember I had this page. A Bucket List page.

People think bucket lists are silly, and maybe they are. I mean I know I will never go to the moon, but I do think I will be able to go on a road trip, get married, visit all the states, and have a family of my own. If you have been here a while, and read these pages, then you know I am trying to live a blog worthy life. I know I have said that a ton of times, it is starting to feel like I am trying to convince myself and you. So I am going to concur so many dreams, while sharing it with the world. 

Let's be real, this change will constantly change. New dreams come through, and old dreams just don't seem as important. But I do know one thing, we will be together for the entire ride. Thanks for going on this adventure with me. 

PS. The ones that are crossed out, and don't have link attached it is because a blog post is coming. 
(crossed out means they are accomplished, bold means they are being worked on)

Go On A Road Trip 
See Mount Rushmore
Get My Hunting License
Go Hunting
Get My Drivers License
Read the Hunger Games
Read Harry Potter
Enter a Surf Competition
Get Married
Go White Water Rafting
Wine Tasting
Have A Family
Tie A Bow TIe
Visit All Fifty States
Create A Recipe Book
Graduate from College
Go Sky Diving
Scuba Diving
Zip lining
Learn To Sail
Go To A Music Festival
Go To A Music Festival In Another Country
Visit every National Park in America
Swim With Manatees
Get tickets to the Ellen DeGeneres Show
Gamble in Vegas
Find P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
Cliff jump
Have a garden
Make a new vision board
Picnic In The Park
Move To A New Place Where I Don't Know Anyone
Participate in a Walk For the Cure
Meet Jenna Marbles
Kiss the Stanley Cup
Kiss the World Series Trophy
Ride A Bull
Climb A Large Mountain
Go Dog Sledding
Be Published
Swim With Sharks
Go Streaking
Go Skinny Dipping
Buy Someone's Coffee 
Hang Glide
Finish The Office
See the Grand Canyon
Tour Great Britain 
Red Cross Disaster Volunteer
Be in a Flash Mob
Get tattooed by Kat Von D
Attend Burning Man 
Rock climbing
Go Paintballing
Stand on the Equator
Swim with Dolphins
Hot Air Balloon Ride
Climb a volcano 
Finish a 365 photo project
Have a dog / cat
Learn How To Blow Glass
Lighting of the Lanterns 
Relearn American Sign Language
Learn To Long Board
Jump Off A Water Fall
Have One Of My Photos Be Published
See A Professional Football Game
Create a post each one of these are completed


  1. A girl after my own heart... LOVE that you have a bucket list. Thanks for your comment! You've won me over.

  2. I have a bucket list. I love that you posted it here! That's such a good idea. I may do the same. You're inspiring me. So happy I found your page!

  3. Um, you definitely need to get moving on #7! Haha. But seriously - #6 won't take too long. Those books are so quick and easy and enthralling!

  4. Your bucket list is terrific! Good luck with it!

  5. What a great list! Still working on's ever changing and growing. :-) Happy New Year. Stopping by via the NE Bloggers' Weekend Wander Blog Hop.