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If I knew how to play poker, I would suck at it. I am a horrible liar. So let me be extremely honest, I hate working out. Well, again with the honesty, I hate everything about fitness. The drinking water, yogurt eating, smoothie making, gym going, all of it just to name a few, are my least favorite things. 
I have been a Tone It Up girl for a little over two years now, kinda like I was with this blog, I am in and out of that life style. I love alcohol to much. Though, if I am going to live a blog worthy life, I need to also live a healthy life. UGH. 

My whole life I have struggled with my weight, appearance, and my own self worth. Between magazines, the internet, pinterest, the list goes on, and sometimes it's hard to feel good about yourself. It is hard because all you see is the FINAL product, but not the struggle. 

One thing I love about my Fitness Instagram is that I get to stroll through my feed, looking at people struggle to work towards their end goal. People getting up early in the morning to kick some ass in their morning work out, sharing their struggles with eating, showing me what they are eating. I love it, and it helps so much. 

Let's live a healthy life together, all while drinking wine. 

With Love, 

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