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Unemployed & Fashionable

Still interviewing everywhere. I thought I had a job in the bag, but I get over excited about things to soon. However, I get to interview in this amazing dress. So I am not complaining at all. 

Before interview became my full time job, I realized that I didn't have many "professional" clothes. While I worked in higher education, I tried to mimic the styles of the youth with a professional feel so that I was relatable. I can't really do that when I am working with individuals who are over the age of 17 and don't live with their parents. 

I panicked.

After trying on some horrible outfits, I threw everything out of my bag and walked down Michigan Avenue in Chicago. 

I am not an express girl, yet for some reason all the interview fairies of the world told me to go in. It was like a thousand Christmas Carolers were in the store with a yellow brick road right to this dress. 

This black dress does the trick. It's long, super comfy, has a lowish back, covers my arm tattoo, and screams PROFESSIONAL AF HIRE ME. 

I am very uncomfortable, thank you. 

I love this though, because a black dress is good for everything and anything. Funerals, Christmas parties, date nights, interviews, getting hired. All the stuff you need black dresses for. 

I can't be alone, everyone has an interview outfit ... right?

Dress || Necklace || Glasses

Look at those cats in the background :) 

With Love, 

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