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It's The Thought That Counts ... Right?

Although the holiday season is filled with love, I see myself and others getting very tense during this time of year. We are told, that it's the thought that counts, but our thoughts can go in a totally different direction. This came at me like a ton of coffee beans the other day while I was walking in the snow, 15 different thoughts I am sure we all have while holiday shopping.

1. Who doesn't love a good pair of socks? 

2. I wonder if everyone remembers I lost my job or not? 

3. I really don't want Great Aunt Louise to kiss me again, her lipstick stays on your face for the whole party. 

4. Who is gonna get drunk first?

5. Everyone hates socks. 

6. Boxers, men love boxers. 

7. I just spent 200 dollars on this gift, they better get me something as good. 

8. But if they don't what message does that send?! 

9. How many Christmas Parties do I have to go to this year? 

10. Ugh that is more than I want to go too! 

11. I hope no one asked how single I am?

12. "Yes I do know what it looks like living in a studio apartment with two cats, thank you for mentioning that to me" 

13. Pre game or not pre game, that is the question. 

14. Shit, no one likes boxers either. 

15. I am excited to see my family though, and isn't that what its about? 

With Love and Merry Cheer, 

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