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Home Is Where The Rent Goes

Living in a small studio apartment, in the city of Chicago, with two cats is absolutely crazy. Though, having no one to judge you for drinking at 11 AM is a highlight! Actually, let's be honest with each other, that is the best part hands down. 

Uptown Chicago

Before I decided to live by myself, I had a roommate and it wasn't the best. We have all had the roommate who is just a better friend than she is a roommate, or in my case, just someone we don't mesh well with. Besides all that though, living along is the greatest thing! For many many reasons.

Closets can be what you make them.  I worked from home as a Regional Counselor for a small private school, so my closet was my office when I wasn't at the coffee shops. You can use it for that purpose, or for storage. You are able to make it your own!

No one will eat your food. I am obsessed with spicy pickled garlic, and I have no intentions on ever sharing. $12 a jar ... get your own. By living along, you never have to worry about other people eating your food, or eating your wonderful Chinese leftovers.

Naked. Yup, you can be naked anywhere you please. I suggest closing your blinds though, because even if you live on the top floor, people can and will see you.

Once a month rent comes out of my slowly deteriorating checking account, though I cannot complain. I am allowed to have friends over whenever I want, I can have Mr. Blog over whenever I want, and like I mentioned before there is no one to eat my Chinese food!

Don't get me wrong, having a roommate would be clutch. Two closest's. So enough said on that.

Though home will be changing in the next few months, one thing will remain the same.
Home is where the rent goes!

With Love, 

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