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Christmas Chatter

You are sitting at the dinner table, with a plate full of mash potatoes smothered in delicious gravy, when all of the sudden the unthinkable happens. Unthinkable.

Someone ask's the question ... "Hey did you hear that Trump was elected President?" 


Ugh. & now your wonderful mash potatoes taste like someone sprayed orange spray paint all over them. 


Either way, Christmas dinner conversations are so scary. It is all family you don't see often, asking you the same questions that you are trying to avoid, or talking about things that make you drink your holiday Gin and Soda just a little faster. It makes sense, the faster you drink the faster you have to get a new one. Meaning you can leave, I know genius. 

With all the other things on your mind this holiday season, I wanted to tell you some topics to avoid at the dinner table to make this holiday season more festive, and less alcoholic. 

Everyone has that aunt with the Trump Flag flying high, and that cousin who is wearing a sweatshirt about women needing to be in the Senate & the House. Try throwing food at them when the topic comes up. 

Your twice removed cousin is only asking you about your recently status of unemployment because they need to feel better and more included in the family. You know, because they are twice removed. However, if you love your job talk it up!! 

How Single You Are. 
My favorite lines when I go home, "You know Kailagh, you haven't introduced us to a man in years ... is it because you gained some weight" Remember the pro tip, just drink faster. You'll need to fill up and walk away. 

Are there certain conversations you avoid while sitting around the tree opening gifts that your mom got and just said they were from you? I'm sure we could all use the guide!

With Holiday Love, 

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