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An Entry Of The Constant Interviewer

In the past 2 weeks, I have had 7 interviews. My face hurts from smiling so much. 

Along this journey to conquer a new job, one that is not unemployment, I have learn one single life hack that changed the game for me. Flabbergasted by the results, writing a blog post to share this experience seemed like a must do.

I listen to the song The Greatest by Sia 
before all my interview really loud. 

Imagine waking up early to warm your car up, to get to your place of interview early, your dress is on the hanger & your make up in your bag, both on the passenger seat, you feel kick ass right? WELL imagine you get there 2 hours before your interview starts, and there is no where else in the world besides a Walmart near by... 

That is right ladies, you make the Walmart parking lot your own personal dressing room. 

You go girl. 

Blast that music, put that make up on, and pull our seat all the way back while you pull your dress up so no one sees that you are pretty much naked in a public place. 

You're welcome. 

PS. Having mints is helpful too, even more so if you have a large ice coffee and a bacon egg sandwich before hand. 

With love, 

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