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Unemployed & Fashionable

Still interviewing everywhere. I thought I had a job in the bag, but I get over excited about things to soon. However, I get to interview in this amazing dress. So I am not complaining at all. 

Before interview became my full time job, I realized that I didn't have many "professional" clothes. While I worked in higher education, I tried to mimic the styles of the youth with a professional feel so that I was relatable. I can't really do that when I am working with individuals who are over the age of 17 and don't live with their parents. 

I panicked.

After trying on some horrible outfits, I threw everything out of my bag and walked down Michigan Avenue in Chicago. 

I am not an express girl, yet for some reason all the interview fairies of the world told me to go in. It was like a thousand Christmas Carolers were in the store with a yellow brick road right to this dress. 

This black dress does the trick. It's long, super comfy, has a lowish back, covers my arm tattoo, and screams PROFESSIONAL AF HIRE ME. 

I am very uncomfortable, thank you. 

I love this though, because a black dress is good for everything and anything. Funerals, Christmas parties, date nights, interviews, getting hired. All the stuff you need black dresses for. 

I can't be alone, everyone has an interview outfit ... right?

Dress || Necklace || Glasses

Look at those cats in the background :) 

With Love, 

It's The Thought That Counts ... Right?

Although the holiday season is filled with love, I see myself and others getting very tense during this time of year. We are told, that it's the thought that counts, but our thoughts can go in a totally different direction. This came at me like a ton of coffee beans the other day while I was walking in the snow, 15 different thoughts I am sure we all have while holiday shopping.

1. Who doesn't love a good pair of socks? 

2. I wonder if everyone remembers I lost my job or not? 

3. I really don't want Great Aunt Louise to kiss me again, her lipstick stays on your face for the whole party. 

4. Who is gonna get drunk first?

5. Everyone hates socks. 

6. Boxers, men love boxers. 

7. I just spent 200 dollars on this gift, they better get me something as good. 

8. But if they don't what message does that send?! 

9. How many Christmas Parties do I have to go to this year? 

10. Ugh that is more than I want to go too! 

11. I hope no one asked how single I am?

12. "Yes I do know what it looks like living in a studio apartment with two cats, thank you for mentioning that to me" 

13. Pre game or not pre game, that is the question. 

14. Shit, no one likes boxers either. 

15. I am excited to see my family though, and isn't that what its about? 

With Love and Merry Cheer, 

An Entry Of The Constant Interviewer

In the past 2 weeks, I have had 7 interviews. My face hurts from smiling so much. 

Along this journey to conquer a new job, one that is not unemployment, I have learn one single life hack that changed the game for me. Flabbergasted by the results, writing a blog post to share this experience seemed like a must do.

I listen to the song The Greatest by Sia 
before all my interview really loud. 

Imagine waking up early to warm your car up, to get to your place of interview early, your dress is on the hanger & your make up in your bag, both on the passenger seat, you feel kick ass right? WELL imagine you get there 2 hours before your interview starts, and there is no where else in the world besides a Walmart near by... 

That is right ladies, you make the Walmart parking lot your own personal dressing room. 

You go girl. 

Blast that music, put that make up on, and pull our seat all the way back while you pull your dress up so no one sees that you are pretty much naked in a public place. 

You're welcome. 

PS. Having mints is helpful too, even more so if you have a large ice coffee and a bacon egg sandwich before hand. 

With love, 

Home Is Where The Rent Goes

Living in a small studio apartment, in the city of Chicago, with two cats is absolutely crazy. Though, having no one to judge you for drinking at 11 AM is a highlight! Actually, let's be honest with each other, that is the best part hands down. 

Uptown Chicago

Before I decided to live by myself, I had a roommate and it wasn't the best. We have all had the roommate who is just a better friend than she is a roommate, or in my case, just someone we don't mesh well with. Besides all that though, living along is the greatest thing! For many many reasons.

Closets can be what you make them.  I worked from home as a Regional Counselor for a small private school, so my closet was my office when I wasn't at the coffee shops. You can use it for that purpose, or for storage. You are able to make it your own!

No one will eat your food. I am obsessed with spicy pickled garlic, and I have no intentions on ever sharing. $12 a jar ... get your own. By living along, you never have to worry about other people eating your food, or eating your wonderful Chinese leftovers.

Naked. Yup, you can be naked anywhere you please. I suggest closing your blinds though, because even if you live on the top floor, people can and will see you.

Once a month rent comes out of my slowly deteriorating checking account, though I cannot complain. I am allowed to have friends over whenever I want, I can have Mr. Blog over whenever I want, and like I mentioned before there is no one to eat my Chinese food!

Don't get me wrong, having a roommate would be clutch. Two closest's. So enough said on that.

Though home will be changing in the next few months, one thing will remain the same.
Home is where the rent goes!

With Love, 

Christmas Chatter

You are sitting at the dinner table, with a plate full of mash potatoes smothered in delicious gravy, when all of the sudden the unthinkable happens. Unthinkable.

Someone ask's the question ... "Hey did you hear that Trump was elected President?" 


Ugh. & now your wonderful mash potatoes taste like someone sprayed orange spray paint all over them. 


Either way, Christmas dinner conversations are so scary. It is all family you don't see often, asking you the same questions that you are trying to avoid, or talking about things that make you drink your holiday Gin and Soda just a little faster. It makes sense, the faster you drink the faster you have to get a new one. Meaning you can leave, I know genius. 

With all the other things on your mind this holiday season, I wanted to tell you some topics to avoid at the dinner table to make this holiday season more festive, and less alcoholic. 

Everyone has that aunt with the Trump Flag flying high, and that cousin who is wearing a sweatshirt about women needing to be in the Senate & the House. Try throwing food at them when the topic comes up. 

Your twice removed cousin is only asking you about your recently status of unemployment because they need to feel better and more included in the family. You know, because they are twice removed. However, if you love your job talk it up!! 

How Single You Are. 
My favorite lines when I go home, "You know Kailagh, you haven't introduced us to a man in years ... is it because you gained some weight" Remember the pro tip, just drink faster. You'll need to fill up and walk away. 

Are there certain conversations you avoid while sitting around the tree opening gifts that your mom got and just said they were from you? I'm sure we could all use the guide!

With Holiday Love,