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Moving, Again?

Ugh. Yes. I am moving again, and I hate packing more than I hate arugula. I hate that leafy green. Yet here I am, for the 6th time in 3 years, moving. 

Boston to Washburn to Ashland, then two different neighborhoods in Chicago, and now to Racine WI. One would think that I would be better at moving with all this practice, keep in mind i have moved over 20 times in my whole life, yet here I am. Sitting in my bed. Watching Dancing With The Stars and drinking this incredible ice coffee.


So I got to thinking, about all the things I would rather do than pack my house. 

The answer is simple. 

Playing with my cats, reading blogs, reading some of the amazing materials in Blog Boss Babe, drinking this coffee, talking with people that I love, or continue to read the book about Mastering my Inner Mean Girl. 

However, I can't do any of those things. My car needs to be pack with round one of stuff by tomorrow! And if we are being honest with each other, I have not started packing my studio apartment. Trash has been thrown out left and right, but actual packing ..... eh. 

Better late then never, so I guess I'll pack with love, 

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  1. I'm with you girl! I've also moved 20 times in my life and I still hate packing! (I think I hate it more since we've moved so much!)