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Goodbye Higher Education

People say that you change careers a ton in your life, however, I did not think I would be changing careers at 24. Yet here I am, leaving my job after 3 years to pursue something else. That something else is yet to be determined. As of November 30th, I won't be working for the small private school anymore, and although I am so excited about what the future holds, I feel lost and disconnected with the fact I won't be working in Higher Education. Well for now at least. 

I have had amazing moments in my career as an Admissions Counselor. Some involved crying, others were filled with laughter, and most are paired with a beer in hand. These moments, I am going to miss with all my heart. But more importantly to that, I am going to miss the people.

Getting so close to other counselors, they become more than your coworkers, but some of your best friends. Going out for drinks after a college fair to talk about that one family who all had mullets, or instead of reading applications you decided to get impulsive tattoos with your "travel" bestie - yes this actually happened and now that I think about it I should write a blog post about it - these moments are what made the job what it was. 

Don't get me wrong, I love working with students. Calling them about their acceptance, hearing the excitement in their voice filled my heart with so much joy. Connecting with families to the point where you hug them once they decided that your institution is the perfect fit. It brought tears to my eyes. 

Honestly though, as quickly as this is all happening, I am excited for the next chapter. Life wants me to be miserable with all the curve balls that it is throwing at me, but I won't let that happen. There are moments that are filled with tears and the world is ending theories. Though for the most part I am thrilled.

I really just wrote a post about how I am leaving my job so I can take photos of myself in this sweatshirt. PS. Kailagh, did you take this photos with your phone and a selfie stick? YUP.  Working in higher education, and finding a sweatshirt that has a Harry Potter reference while making fun of financial aid... I just had to have it, and I had to show it off to the world. Wicked Clothing, you out did yourself with this one.

With Love, 

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  1. Good luck with your transition! I'm also considering a career change at 23. I'm interested to see what your next step is!