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Craigslist & The Hedgehog

About two years ago, I was sitting at my then office in Northern Wisconsin watching YouTube videos. It's totally okay, it was on my lunch break guys. Though while watching, the unthinkable happened. I saw someone with a hedgehog.

If you know me at all, you know once I have an idea in my head, changing my mind is not very easy at all. So naturally my head went too I want a hedgehog too, and I want one right now. So I started thinking, where can I get a hedgehog?

I knew that the next morning I was going to be driving 6 hours to surprise my then boyfriend at the time by going to his last soccer game, and figured I would just pick up a hedgehog on the way. Totally normal thought process ... right?

As I was looking for hedgehogs online, I went through every single site. Google, Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, everywhere. After emailing 12 people, calling 19 different people, I receive an email back. YES THIS WAS HAPPENING!

I have your hedgehog, can you agree on the price? 

What is this, a kidnapping? But I was too excited to really pay attention to how strange this email really was, that I went along with it. I agreed on the price, and I agreed to picking the hedgehog up where she lived. 4 hours away... it was about an hour out of the way on my surprise trip to the middle of no where to watch a soccer game, so totally doable. The previous owner said they wanted the hedgehog "gone first thing in the morning, or (they) would take another offer." I agreed to that as well.

I left my house at 4 in the morning. My excitement was out of control and the idea of being tired didn't exist. Dancing in my car, catching up on calls to my family back home, and being over the moon excited to finally meet my little guy. Around 7AM I realize that I do not have the address, the owner was supposed to send it to me the night prior.

I text, I call, and I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. I go to Target. It is now 10AM and I call again. I finally get an answer.

"Who is this"
"Hi it's Kailagh, I am supposed to meet you at your house so I can buy the Hedgehog"
"You're late"
"Well I tried calling, I have been waiting in the Target parking lot for about 2 hours" 
"What does your car look like? I'll be right there"

The owner comes hands me the hedgehog and leaves.

I am mortified. With all the research I did on hedgehogs the night before, I know everything about that cage is wrong. Hedgehog have super small feet, and that cage was all wire, which is horrible for their feet. My heart was broken for this little guy. 

BUT I HAD THE HEDGEHOG. And after I realize that is all I care about, I put the most likely ex murder behind me and drove on. Not only did I buy a hedgehog, but I made it to the game right on time. Walking around holding a blanket like a baby, made for a lot of people to look at my funny. But I was holding the greatest thing in the world.

Time pasted, and I was unable to keep him forever. Though he is living the lavish life with a friend of mine, so I know he is now loved and adored. And that exchange was less serial murder like, so always a plus.

You would think after this, I would never buy an animal on Craiglist again. You'd be wrong. I now have two cats, brother and sister, and they were also an impulsive Craiglist buy!

With Love, 


  1. OH MY LANTA!! He is so cute!! I've never knew of anyone having a hedgehog for a pet, so awesome!

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